Mecoprop (MCPP) – Did it Kill Pinuki?

It is still too painful to write about – but in short – my beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog, Pinuki, bled to death at the age of eight. The best veterinarians in the world were unable to determine a cause of the bleeding or to stop it. Pinuki had five blood transfusions and three major surgeries. When she was not bleeding – she exhibited absolutely no symptoms of illness.

Pinuki, throughout her entire life with me (she came home at under 2 months of age), was routinely assaulted by the applications of MCPP to our home. She ate the treated grass as if she were a cow. And I did not know then  what I know now. I  do not know if I will ever be able to forgive myself for not protecting her.

“In laboratory tests, mecoprop has inhibited the synthesis of DNA (the molecules that contain genetic information), interfered with blood clotting, and inhibited the production of important components of the immune system.

Anemia –  Exposure  to  mecoprop  has  caused the  development  of  anemia  in  tests with  laboratory  animals.  As  part  of mecoprop’s registration process, a pesticide  manufacturer  sponsored  two studies with dogs. In one, dogs were fed  mecoprop  for  12  months;  in  the other, for three months. In both studies, the amount of hemoglobin in the dogs’  blood  decreased  at  doses  of about 20 mg/kg.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Hemoglobin is the oxygen-carrying molecule in the blood, and  deficiencies  in  hemoglobin  result in anemia.

Blood Clotting – Researchers  at  the  University  of Kuopio  (Finland)  noticed  that  bleeding is a symptom of poisoning by phenoxy herbicides. They then studied the effects of eight of these herbicides including  mecoprop  on  “platelet aggregation”  in  human  blood.  Platelets  are  a  component  of  blood  that assists in clotting. Results of this study showed that concentrations as low as 1 part per million of mecoprop inhibited  clotting.  Other  herbicides  commonly  used  in  combination  with mecoprop had the same effect. ”

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2 thoughts on “Mecoprop (MCPP) – Did it Kill Pinuki?

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your loss; very tragic. As pet owners, it’s always our responsibility to know about the environment around our pets, E.g. Whether the areas we are walking them are treated or not. Positive education can keep everyone safe.

    • Thanks, Joe. It is my opinion, after extensive research, the only way to truly keep our pets, children, selves. and community safe is to stop using pesticides.

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