Breach of Confidentiality

Recently, in the course of Association business, our Property Manager was provided, in writing, my confidential medical information. The Property Manager shared, in writing, that information, and my identity, with the Executive Vice President of the Landscaping company. I believe this violates both Federal and State law.

I notified the Board of my concern, in writing, and included proof of the breach. I asked the Board to address my concern. The Board has not responded.

Regarding this matter, did the Board act within its fiduciary responsibilities as defined by case law in the Commonwealth of Virginia?

Did the Property Manager adhere to her contract CONTRACT.KPAManagement2009 the Standards of Practice of her licensing Board, professional Code of Ethics and company Code of Ethics?

Do you want a Board and Property Manager who act so recklessly they are liability risks to our Association?

If legal action is taken against the Association we – the owners – pay for their attorneys. Can you afford a law suit?


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