WARNING: Pet Owners, Tomato Growers and Gardeners

More about the most frequently used pesticides on our property:


THE HERBICIDE 2,4-D: problems old and new-a personal story and the formation of a surprising coalition


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2 thoughts on “WARNING: Pet Owners, Tomato Growers and Gardeners

  1. I’m appalled that this is used on our property with the information here about its toxic qualities to animals an humans alike. A little over a year ago my dog started exhibiting neurological symptoms within days of a pesticide spraying on the property. Not knowing what it was, we have him tested for brain tumors, etc before the vet settled on a diagnosis of epilepsy–which can only be diagnosed as an educated guess with the lack of other explanation–and medicated him to prevent seizures (which he had that weekend and a few instances before). Looking back, his other symptoms (ataxia, sudden weakness, vomiting, confusion) were more closely aligned with the effects of pesticide poisoning. It’s not bad enough that my dog was attacked on our property 2 years ago by another resident’s unleashed pet and the board took next to no action, but now they’re poisoning our pets.

    In addition to no pesticides, I’d like to move that we change our ice-melt chemicals to animal friendly ones. The current ones, while I’m sure cheaper, physically burn dogs paws when they get lodged in between the pads.

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