Who Are Our Board Members?

Does anyone know how and why our Board members kept changing? According to the published meeting minutes on the Heatherlea website, these were our Board members on:

April 5, 2012
Alexis      President
Gus      Vice President
Todd      Treasurer
Terry     Director
Linell      Secretary

November 5, 2012:
Gus  President
Alexis  Vice President
Gary  Secretary
Ellen  Treasurer
Linell  Member at Large

January 31, 2013:
Gus  President
LineII  Vice President
Gary  Secretary
Tracy  Treasurer
Ellen  Member At Large

There is nothing in the Minutes explaining what the Board did. Applicable Virginia statutes  require that factual and accurate minutes be kept of all board of directors meetings, annual meetings, and special meetings of the members.  The importance of accurate minutes cannot be stressed enough because often the minutes are the only record of official decisions, directions, and actions of the board.  If there is no verifiable record, a decision cannot be enforced.

Why aren’t the “missing” minutes published on the Heatherlea website? Why aren’t minutes routinely distributed to members?


One thought on “Who Are Our Board Members?

  1. This is very interesting. I specifically remember Alexis deciding (at the last minute, after not running for the board) at last years meeting, that she would stay on one more year (this decision made after we didn’t make quorum for a vote). And then she just falls off the record. Odd.

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