MOTION: Ensure Due Process

I move that the Board be required to inform Members when a policy change is being considered and that Members are given an opportunity to present their views about the proposed policy. I propose that:

•  a proposed policy resolution should be drafted as a formal resolution, including the authority of the Board and the justification(s) for the policy;

•  a proposed policy resolution should be published on the Association website and copies mailed to members for our information;

•  a hearing should be scheduled to provide for Member input and discussion of policy resolutions which affect our property rights;

•  Board action should be taken on the policy resolution only after consideration of the information received from the Members.  An exception to this is a resolution adopted as an emergency measure in which case the policy is adopted and becomes effective for a limited time period, pending a hearing and permanent adoption of the policy;

•  once adopted, copies of resolutions should be sent to all Association members, and a copy of the resolution should be included in a “book of resolutions” to maintain a continual record of all resolutions.


One thought on “MOTION: Ensure Due Process

  1. WOW. Again, are you serious! The Board of Directors post all policy issues being discussed on the mailboxes prior to discussion and vote. Policies that are voted on are distributed. Again, I believe that you should be aware of the postings and attend meetings.

    Also, why are you all of the sudden posting so much information. It seems that you have some really personal issues that you need to resolve and that you are trying to create a hostile environment on the Heatherlea. Not sure if I like your motives here.

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