More Recommendations From Arlington County

Water Conservation in Common Areas

Property managers of condo or apartment buildings can not only encourage their residents to conserve water within their units, but can also address water conservation measures throughout common areas. The most significant of which is likely through landscaping…

  • Consider starting a Landscaping Committee and encourage individual residents to get involved and share their ideas.
  • Review your landscaping contract, and recommend that the contractor:
    • Use native plants,
    • Minimize the use of fertilizers and pesticides,
    • Leave some grass trimmings on the grass for natural fertilizer (grasscycle),
    • Recycle leaves and plant trimmings (if feasible),
    • Take care with lawn watering, allowing the lawn to go dormant during droughts.
  • Use the rainwater – direct downspouts to planted beds or lawn areas, so that the rainwater from the building can irrigate the plants.
  • Collect rainwater – consider installing rain barrels or cisterns to collect and store rainwater for gardeners to use, or for dry periods.
  • Use the landscape to help manage stormwater – if you have areas that are very wet from runoff from a building or parking lot, consider installing a raingarden to help absorb the stormwater.
  • Green roofs are another option to absorb stormwater runoff from a building’s roof, and also help insulate and improve energy efficiency in the building.
  • If you are replacing pavement or sidewalks, consider permeable paving stones or other materials that allow some of the water to drain into the soil, and reduce runoff.
  • Consider joining the Arlington Green Games program for free assistance in implementing these actions.

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