Can Homeowners Refuse to Pay Assessments

“May a condominium owner refuse to pay monthly and/or special assessments, in whole or in part, on the grounds that the condominium board had failed to maintain and repair the common elements of the condominium property? In the vast majority of jurisdictions around the country, the answer is simple: No. Last summer, in what the Chicago Tribune called a “ground-breaking decision” that “has stunned the condominium community nationwide,” the Appellate Court for the Second District answered the question “sometimes.” Yesterday, the Illinois Supreme Court agreed to review the decision, granting leave to appeal in Spanish Court Two Condominium Association v. Carlson [pdf].”

Excerpted from: Illinois Supreme Court Grants Leave to Appeal Controversial Condominium Decision

Should Heatherlea property owners be responsible for assessments resulting in whole or from The Costs of Illegal Governance


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