Recent Notice About Dogs Eliminating on Heatherlea Property

This Blogger has gotten a lot of inquires regarding this notice. Here are some responses to questions posed:

  1. The Board is illegal and has no legitimate power to send or enforce notices like this.
  2. the Notice most likely was sent in response to e-mails sent by an owner who is disgruntled over dogs eliminating on the property. Copies of the e-mails can be found in the most recent Board meeting information packet. Personally, this Blogger does not think the rogue Board should react based on a minority of community members concerns. It is an abuse of power and is reactive not proactive. These are examples of more proactive approaches Green and Serene: The solution to dog urine scalded lawn is here! and Fields of Green: 5 Favorite Lawn Substitutes This and other information was provided to this rogue Board nearly two years ago.
  3. the common elements include nearly everything within the property lines (i.e. all the courtyards). Residents can find the details in the governing documents. A site map can be obtained by contacting Gina Spellman, Property Manager. To comply with the notice, residents would need to take their dogs off Heatherlea property.
  4. Gus, Board President, Ellen, Member at Large and Tracy, Treasurer, all routinely allow their dogs to eliminate on Heatherlea property.
  5. Tracy, Treasurer routinely allows her dog to destroy the property by trampling, eating, digging up and eliminating on both the common and limited elements. Her dog has killed Association and personal property.
  6. Clearly, there is an expectation that dogs will eliminate on the property which is why the Association provides – throughout the common elements – disposable bags to accommodate pet owners.
  7. A Heatherlea resident asked the Association about the Notice and was instructed by Gina Spellman to have her dog eliminate in the mulch – which would still be in violation of the Notice and is just more incompetent Property Management paid for by the membership.
  8. Dogs from all over the extended community routinely eliminate on Heatherlea property – another reason this notice is unenforceable.
  9. A more likely reason the property looks so bad is the overuse of pesticides [proven by state officials to be in violation of the law]. We are poisoning the landscape. We blanket spray pesticides on a fixed schedule whether we need to or not. This is an outdated method of landscaping, is contrary to public policy and jeopardizes the health of our community (and is unnecessarily costly). Read this: Stop Killing Your Lawn

This rogue Board violates the rights of community members, is irrational and fiscally irresponsible and should be recalled.

See also Citizens for Pets in Condos and Reasonable Pet Guidelines


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