An Open Letter to Heatherlea Board Treasurer

This is an open letter because the Heatherlea Board Treasurer, Tracy does not want to discuss Association business with her neighbors. Initially, she did not even disclose that she was serving on the Board. Then when she did disclose, she stated clearly that she did not want to discuss Association business.

Dear Tracy,

I am sincerely disappointed that you have chosen to continue to serve on the Board illegally. I am writing to let you know that I can no longer collude in our friendly, neighborly farcical relationship. I cannot compartmentalize you as a neighbor and you as a Board member because your participation in Board activities hurts me and the community. Among other things, you and your cohorts are directly responsible for:

  1. denying community members our rights;
  2. incurring unnecessary expenses for the community;
  3. putting the health of the entire community at risk; and
  4. putting our community at risk for legal claims.

This is not okay and certainly not friendly or neighborly. Clearly, you and the other Broad members are comfortable with hypocrisy, I am not. I am hoping to forgive you, but I will no longer pretend I am not significantly adversely effected by what you have and continue to do. As long as you illegally serve on this Board, I have nothing more to say to you as a neighbor.

There will be a time when we must choose between what is easy and what is right – A. Dumbledore


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