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  1. I see a petition against pesticides. Can you create a petition for the use of pesticides? I would like to see how many people would respond to that. Is this site only one-sided?

    • It is not necessary. People for pesticides will not sign the Petition Against Pesticides. Currently, there are three homeowners against pesticide use and 182 for pesticide use. If in fact this site is one-sided, you are doing an excellent job representing the other side. You are just the spokesman they needed.

  2. I feel that we should use pesticides (herbicides and insecticides) in accordance with the EPA and CDC guidelines. We should not BAN something, just regulate its use.

  3. First – let’s put it in perspective: it’s grass vs the health of your families. Childhood cancers, asthma attacks, ADHD, autism, learning disabilities, Parkinson’s Disease, endocrine/hormone disruption – all this because a community can’t stand to look at some weeds. And shame on the board for playing into the fear mongering by the landscapers that the whole community will be overtaking by death defying weeds – what did the board really expect the poison seller landscapers to sell them?

    Second – Boardmembers are fully responsible for putting the health of the whole community at risk. Do boardmembers even know what the exact chemicals that are being use each time, and the acute and long term health consequences that each one poses to residents. Most of the time – clueless, clueless, clueless. Yet, they are the one making these health decisions for everyone in the community.

    Third – NEVER move into a HOA for this reason. HOA and common ownership communities are Grass Nazies. No amount of evidence will ever convince a board to put the health of their residents over the interest of the grass – that’s just too much to ask for. They operate in complete tunnel vision.

    Fourth – the fear of property value loss. That is an old agrument, no proof, no studies, just more fear mongering. But let’s think it out, how much can weeds lower your property value? $5k? maybe $10K at most? So your family member and kids aren’t worth that much? We throw our families and kids under the bus and let them be poisoned so our house can sell for $5K more? How much are you going to fork over if you child is born developmentally disabled, has a learning disability or gets one of the childhood cancers?- all of these, which have been linked to lawn pesticide.

    Fifth – stop breathing pesticides! When you are out for your barbeque, kids playing at the playground, windows open, everyone is having inhalation exposure. I will garner that the board has no clue the effects of inhalation exposure.

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