Best Practice: Always use the “mother measurement” when hiring a manager or other specialist that will deal with residents. If you would welcome this professional working with your mother, consider him or her for the position. We are dealing with people’s homes and lives. Residents deserve as much respect and consideration as our Moms. Once you have several professionals who have measured up to Mom’s standards, your next job is to get competing bids.

ValleyCrest Landscaping Contract and Pesticide Use Survey ValleyCrest Contract Pest Survey~January 10 2014 ANON

Shenandoah Landscaping Landscape ContractANON

KPA Property Management CONTRACT.KPAManagement2009

The Basics of HOA Contracts

From the Association’s law firm: Vendor Contracts: “Crossing the T’s and Dotting the I’s”

Hiring a Maintenance Contractor Here’s a guide intended to help the Homeowner Association evaluate maintenance contractors. Is it a substitute for a professional landscape architect? No. It isn’t, but it is based on my experience, and it will help (Adapted from a series that appeared in the Naples Daily News in January, 2010).

LANDSCAPING: What We Pay For and What It Costs


3 thoughts on “Contracts

  1. I do not understand why you are posting a vendors contract on this website. They have competed for this contract and their pricing is now being published inappropriately since this is a contract that gets competitively awarded. This should not be on the site!!

    • All Heatherlea HOA documents presented on this site were freely provided by the Board of Directors with no stated or perceived limitations regarding copyright or future public distribution.

      • That is not a valid excuse. You requested documents as a homeowner and have a responsibility to use discretion when requesting documents. Your actions are unacceptable and could also result in problems for you since you are sharing information with the public that you had to request. This type of information is not typically posted on websites and you would not see this on the Community Website or legal action from the vendor could result from that. You could be held legally responsible for posting this information.

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