HOMEOWNERS: Educate Yourselves

Steve Cheifetz, the managing partner of the Phoenix-based law firm Cheifetz Iannitelli Marcolini P.C. has said: “As one who has addressed homeowners association disputes both representing the homeowners association and by representing individual homeowners, I feel confident in asserting that one of the greatest threats to individual liberty endured by our citizens on an ongoing basis is from the unchecked powers of local “quasi-governments”, which are otherwise known as homeowners associations. The unrestrained power of homeowners associations has resulted in significant infringement of individual liberties of homeowners in these associations”.

HOA Common Sense by George K. Staropoli “The political and social changes in our society brought about by the adoption and acceptance of the HOA legal scheme has created a new America of authoritarian, private governments known as HOAs. They function as independent principalities.  The values, beliefs, principles, ethics, and morality of today’s America would shock the Founding Fathers.”


HOA and Condo Publications from Fairfax County Government:

What HOA fiduciary Means

Parliamentary Basics

Parliamentary Procedure Templates, Samples and Scripts

Robert’s Rules

A Property Manager’s Guide to Reconstruction Projects

Common Interest Community Manager Regulations

Common Interest Community Ombudsman Regulations

Towing From Private Property in Arlington County, Virginia

Towing and Storage of Vehicles


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    • Which license are you referencing? I ask because they have failed to comply with so many different laws and regulations.

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