Rogue Board Failures

Below is a summary list of some of the alleged illegal activities engaged in by the rogue Heatherlea Board that are documented on this Blog [this is a work in progress so check back]:

Failure to file annual report: LAW VIOLATION: Heatherlea Fails To File Annual Report

Failure to include reserve information in budget:  Law Violation: Reserve Info not Included in Budget

Failure to keep all meetings open to all members:  Law Violation: “Special Non-scheduled Meetings”

Failure to produce records in response to proper requests.

Failure to establish a method by which all unit owners can communicate with each other regarding the Association that complies with the Virginia Condo Act.

Conducting Association business with no legal authority  to do so.

Failure to establish an Association complaint process: REGULATION VIOLATION: Association Complaint Process

Failure to appoint Inspector of Election.

Failure to enforce dues collection.

Failure to hold annual meeting.

Failure to hold election for Board of Directors.

Failure to distribute a valid proxy form.

Failure to conduct meetings according to Robert’s Rules of Order or other parliamentary procedures.

Failure to make repairs.

Failure to stop the reallocation of common areas.

Failure to maintain disabled member’s confidentiality.

Failure to comply with governing documents.

Failure to enforce the governing documents.

Failure to take action to prevent losses.

Failure to maintain the common elements.

Failure to notify residents of pesticide applications.


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