Recall the Board

The Entrenched Board

“The smaller the power, the smaller are those who seek to possess it.”

…An abusive board usually becomes entrenched and wields excessive power.

The entrenched board is made up of individuals who get elected to the board over and over again. As time passes, they become unresponsive to the needs of the community. They enjoy the powers and perks that come with exercising control over their neighbors.

If owners are to fight back against an abusive, entrenched board they must understand why a board becomes abusive.

An apathetic community will always provide a home for an abusive, entrenched board that rarely turns over its membership. Over time, the board increases its authority to a dictatorial level, answering to no one. Owners pay little attention to the boards activities. In fact, most owners are just glad someone else is taking care of association business. There is little communication between the owners and even less political activity. In an apathetic community, the entrenched board serves its own interests. At election time, the entrenched board is able to control the election process because so few owners get involved.

To reverse this trend, a community needs a number of owners to go to board meetings and keep abreast of the board’s activities. Though many owners will remain apathetic, some will get involved. This change would go a long way towards creating an association that is reasonably stable, with slow, steady membership turnover. A board like this should remain responsive to the interests of the owners.

The first step towards a cure for the abusive, entrenched board is the creation of a healthy, politically active community. Owners must be willing to join with one another to serve the interests of the entire community. They must understand their community’s problems, develop solutions, and educate other owners. In time, these active owners will replace the abusive board members. Of course, they must continue to encourage a fair and open political process.

Article III, Section 7 of the Heatherlea Bylaws, empowers the membership to remove the members of the Board:

See the post titled: ACTION: Form a Recall Committee

Draft Recall Petition cover letter: Letter to Recall Petition

Draft Recall Petition: Petition to Recall the Board of Directors

See Formal Complaints Filed page

One thought on “Recall the Board

  1. Great post. Apathy is a bad problem to have, it is prevalent in my community but hopefully it will change over time.
    Keep fighting.

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